Separators are small donut shaped elastics that are slipped between the back teeth and are meant to stay in place until your next appointment – usually in about five to 10 days. Separators push the teeth very slightly apart to allow bands to be fitted at your next appointment.


  • Avoid sticky foods that might pull out or displace the separators.
  • Do not floss where the separators are.
  • Count the number of separators in your mouth after every meal to make sure none have been lost or displaced.
  • If the separators come out on their own, try to replace them immediately. If they do not seem to stay in when replaced, it may be an indication that the space required has been created, but this space could close before your next appointment so try to replace them again a day later. 

Things you may notice

Separators may:

  • Feel bouncy when you bite down on your teeth
  • Feel like bits of food stuck between your teeth. As annoying as this may be, do not remove, pick, brush or floss out the separators.
  • Make your teeth uncomfortable to bite on for a couple of days. If this occurs, eat softer foods. After a few days the discomfort will go away and you will not notice them. Advil may help with the soreness when eating.

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