Forsus Springs

Forsus are a rod with a coil spring around it and are attached to the braces to help correct the bite. They move the upper teeth back and the lower teeth forward.


1         As soon as you have finished eating, carefully brush your teeth. Make sure that you clean around the springs as well as the inside, outside and biting surfaces of all your teeth. You may find it easier to clean the spring if your mouth is not open very wide.

2         Avoid wiggling your jaw or playing with the springs. This will quickly distort or break your springs.

3         Do not open your mouth too wide as this can distort or unlock the springs.

4         The appliance is designed to stay away from your teeth when you open your mouth. If, for some reason, it gets between your teeth, do not bite on it. Biting on the appliance may deform or break it, or cause injury to the inside of your mouth.

5         If the spring or any of the attachments gets broken please call; if it is during working hours we will give you instructions and get you in as soon as possible, otherwise, leave a message on our answering machine and we will call you as soon as possible.

Things you may notice

•     Eating will be difficult at first since your jaw will not move as easily. If you find you are biting on the spring even when you try not to, please call for an appointment for the spring to be adjusted.

•     Your teeth will be sore, much the same as after a wire adjustment. The soreness may last for up to five days.

•     Also your cheek may have to adapt to the springs and may be sore. Put wax (a large piece) or a cotton roll on the outside of the upper tooth the spring attaches to (and anywhere else you need it) before bed and try and wear it all night. If any sores appear on the inside of your cheeks, contact the office as soon as possible.

•     Please note: if the rod comes out of the spring part, you should be able to put it back together while your mouth is open wide.

If you have any problems you cannot solve, please call to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.


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