Past Contests - Congratulations to all our winners!

Counting Invisalign Trays

Easter Counting

Pumpkin Give Away

Cinnamon Give Away


We would like to congratulate Jessica on guessing the closest amount of Cinnamon Hearts in our Valentine's Day contest.

Winter Sock Drive

We would like to thank all our patients for your contributions to our Winter sock drive.  Congratulations to Spencer on winning the $50 gift card to London Drugs.

Summer Brushing Contest

Brackets and wires help create beautiful, straight smiles, but they also create a crazy obstacle course for you to maneuver your toothbrush around just to get to your teeth.  You HAVE to get to them though.  There are all sorts of tools designed to help — little tiny brushes, floss threaders, electric toothbrushes, waterpiks, and more.  Use whatever it takes – but remember to clean around all four sides of each bracket.  Get under those wires, too.  Floss!  Gently brush along your gums.  Get under the elastic hooks. CLEAN those teeth. It is so important.

We at Mapleridge orthodontics want to encourage everyone to improve their brushing.  We have regular brushing contests, where good brushing earns you a chance for a draw for prizes.

We would like to congratulate Sophie, the winner of our summer brushing contest!

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